Wed, 10 Aug 2016 19:10:42 GMT


Bright Planets Add More Dazzle to Perseid Meteor Shower's Peak
In Andromeda, you can also look at the Triangulum (M33) and Andromeda (M31) galaxies. Editor's note: If you catch an awesome photo of the Perseid meteor shower or planets in the night sky that you'd like to share with Space.com and our news partners ...
A chance to make your dreams come true: Meteor shower viewing event to be held at Silver Lake in HighlandBelleville News-Democrat
Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12 | NASANASA

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Sat, 13 Aug 2016 20:02:43 GMT

... (パ・リーグ、ロッテ0-3ソフトバンク、18回戦、ソフトバンク12勝5敗1分、13日、QVC)ソフトバンクは13日、ロッテ18回戦(QVCマリン)に3-0で勝ち、連敗を6で止めた。 ソフトバンクの優勝へのマジックナンバーの最短点灯日は16日で、優勝マジック31が出る。条件は16 ...

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Wed, 06 Jul 2016 17:24:02 GMT

JCK (blog)

Collection Spotlight: Simon Alcantara's M31-Andromeda Jewelry
JCK (blog)
Andromeda has meanings in mythology and in the sky, and both inspired jewelry designer Simon Alcantara to create his new M31-Andromeda collection. First, the story of the galaxy Andromeda plays out in elliptical forms (Andromeda is a spiral galaxy ...

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 14:35:15 GMT

The Canberra Times

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The Canberra Times
If, like me, you drive regularly to Sydney along the M31, over the past 30 years (or more?) you would have noticed a rock often dangling from the Hanging Rock Road sign just south of Sutton Forest. Annoyingly, on each occasion I've allowed extra travel ...

Mon, 14 Mar 2016 09:15:07 GMT

M31 Technology Announces Its Release of TSMC's 28HPC+ ULL SRAM Compilers for the Intelligent Device Market
Design and Reuse (press release)
Hsiao-Ping Lin, Chairman and CEO of M31, says “M31 has developed various IP solutions on TSMC 28HPC+ process. Among these IP products, TSMC's 28HPC+ ULL (Ultra Low Leakage) SRAM Compilers feature one of the lowest power characteristics in ...
M31 Announces Its Release of TSMC's 28HPC+ ULL SRAM Compilers for the Smart DevicesCTIMES

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Wed, 26 Aug 2015 14:54:28 GMT

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

M31 and the limits of visibility
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
It's the Andromeda galaxy, or M31 as stargazers call it. It's the only large galaxy visible by naked eye from Earth. (The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are bright and striking in the Southern Hemisphere, but despite their apparent size, they're ...

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Hubble Survey Unlocks Clues to Star Birth in Neighbouring M31 Galaxy
After analysing images of 2,753 young, blue star clusters in the neighbouring Andromeda galaxy (M31), astronomers with the help from "citizen scientists" have found that M31 and our own Milky Way have a similar percentage of new-born stars based on ...
Hubble's Andromeda Galaxy survey unlocks clues to star birthAstronomy Now Online
Hubble Unlocks Clues to Star Formation --From Blue Super Giants to Red DwarfsThe Daily Galaxy (blog)
Hubble Images Provide Insight on Star Birth in a Neighboring GalaxyNature World News
Christian Science Monitor
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Fri, 29 Jul 2016 10:13:07 GMT

Sugar prices up in Delhi by Rs 2 in June-July at Rs 40-41
Times of India
The wholesale price of M31 sugar in the Delhi market in June and July (up to July 22) were in the range of Rs 3,690-3,890 per quintal, he added. "To keep a check on rise in price of sugar, the central government has imposed stock holding and turnover ...

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